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Hey! Stephen Hilgart here.

I want to help you with your business.

After I started and sold three 7-figure businesses, I went on to work as the top speaker and trainer for Tony Robbins where I gave over 5,000 talks, keynotes, and group coaching sessions to companies of all sizes.

Today, I run a group coaching program for entrepreneurs called The Path and my consulting agency Scale & Success. As a marketing expert, I've helped dozens of companies go from 6 figures to 7... and even a few companies go from 7 figures to 8.

I don't have any fancy accolades, degrees, or awards but what I do have are results.

I'm obsessed with marketing and business turnarounds and I know what it takes to help you grow quickly and effectively.

I do this in three ways:

  • I do weekly live coaching and consulting for small and medium sized businesses in The Path.

  • I produce free content that gets published regularly, from blog posts to free webinars, conferences, podcasts, short/long form videos, and marketing courses.

  • I offer consulting and fractional CMO services for 1-on-1 support to double, triple, or even quadruple your revenue in 12 months or less.

Are you a marketer or business owner?

Then this is the right place for you to seek real marketing and business strategies. Enjoy!



No matter what curveballs have been thrown his way in life, he shows up as this person who cares, who's committed, who presses forward, and produces extremely high levels of results. He has tremendous integrity, an incredible servant's heart, and lives in such a beautiful state -- he's a total stud and believes in people as much as I do!

Start Your Path

How Can I Help You Master Your Business?

GROUP COACHING - Business Mastermind

The Path is a weekly group coaching program for small business owners, online marketers, and entrepreneurs. It includes courses, certifications, "what's working now", and a high-end job board of elite Path Partners standing by to help execute your vision.


Need a rockstar on your executive team? I might be able to help. Top level, experienced CMOs are hard to come by. I didn't go to Harvard. I don't have a fancy degree. But I do run circles around 99.9% of marketing "experts" out there. My results speak for themselves.


Marketing Consulting

If you're between $500k - $3MM annual revenue, and you're serious about scaling, the Private Consulting Group might be for you. In these small groups, we meet 3 times per year to focus on the "one big domino" that will help you scale your business the fastest with the least amount of stress and overwhelm.

All-In-One Marketing Software

If you do business online, you need a proper tech stack. RainMaker AI is an all-in-one marketing software we use to build funnels, collect leads, follow-up with them, and automate customer service (and sales) with A.I. chat bots.

Our promise is that our A.I. Powered Chatbots And Pre-Built Automated Email Campaigns Will Bring You Sales Or You Don't Pay.


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