Hi, I’m Stephen Hilgart.

I always love the “about me” page on websites like this because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the owner of the site…

So after Stephen Hilgart made several attempts to sound smarter than he really is by writing about himself in the third person, he quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write this page like it was a letter to a friend.

Which …in many ways, it is.

Anyway – what do you want to know?

I’m the National Trainer for a man named Tony Robbins. I’m 6’1”, an Aries, I enjoy long romantic walks on the beach…

But I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering…

Is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention?

For many people, my answer is NO.

Here’s why:

I can guide you to water… but I can’t make you take a drink.

For some reason, people think as the National Trainer for Tony Robbins I can come in and solve all of their problems overnight.

Like I could wave my magic wand and overwrite their limiting patterns, habits, and beliefs that are preventing them from making the money they really want, having the body they deserve, and reigniting their passion in their relationships and life – in an instant.

I get it. That’s what attracted me to this Tony guy in first place (more on that later).

I thought it would be easy and I’d have millions of dollars, scantily clad women, and a fancy yacht to cruise the Mediterranean…

Well, it wasn’t easy.

It took lots of work, frustration, and perseverance to get there.

…And it still takes work to keep it!

So if you’re not prepared to commit to roughly ten times more effort than you’re expecting, I’m not your guy.

If you’re looking for “The Easy Way”, I don’t want to help you.

It’s important you understand what I’m telling you.

I can help you, I just won’t. I’m capable of it, but I refuse to do it.


Because when I hear someone say, “What’s the easiest and cheapest way”, what I’m really hearing is, “I’m not fully invested in the long-term success of my business, my health, my relationships, and my life…”

And that really translates to “I don’t want to work”.

Look, life and business transformation is HARD WORK.

Yes, when you’ve made a true decision and a commitment to work on yourself – to evaluate old habits and patterns that aren’t serving you, to learn to dance with your fear, to learn to control your emotional state – you really CAN have it all!

But that takes HARD WORK to create and it takes HARD WORK to maintain.

…You Still Here? Good.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your life and your business, for free …which are usually followed by:
  • Blatant sales pitches to attend Tony’s life-transforming event called Unleash the Power Within.

Can you believe I just told you flat out that you’re going to receive blatant sales pitches from me?

Well, why wouldn’t I tell you?

I mean c’mon – I am proud and honored to be offering the number 1 program that literally MILLIONS of people have attributed their success to.

I know what this man has done for me and I know what kind of an impact he will make on your business, your relationships, your health, and your life.

I will try to get you in front of Tony Robbins and I won’t be subtle about it.

However – it’s ALWAYS preceded by really valuable strategies and tactics you can use immediately.

That’s free.

The idea is you’ll say, “Man, this free stuff really helped me. I think I’ll give this Tony Robbins guy a chance.”

Pretty simple, right?

I call it the old “Demonstrate you can help them by actually helping them” trick.

Works like a charm.

But you still might be wondering …

How Do I Know If You’re Any Good?

Well, the smartest thing to do is to just get some of my free materials.

If you like it, you’ll probably like my trainings.

If you don’t like it, you won’t.

But I think I’m supposed to do the whole “self-aggrandizing biography” thing now so here it goes:

I started my wildly-varied and unexpected adventure of a career after spending the very last of my food money to learn from Tony Robbins.

At that point in my life I was broke, sick, depressed, lonely, and homeless.

You can probably add stupid to that list but the truth-of-the-matter is – I was in a rough spot.

I started to believe I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t smart enough, I wasn’t good-looking enough, and the world was out to get me.

I remember being so sad and I couldn’t understand why ‘nobody cared about me’.

And when Tony says people only change their lives for one of two reasons; inspiration or desperation – I won’t lie – I was desperate.

So I made a decision. One that started me down this road that brings me in front of you today.

This guy came into my life through his books, his audio programs, and eventually through the live event (Unleash the Power Within) I talk about so much.

With the tools I learned I was able to come back, build 3 businesses, travel the world, and create a life most people only dream of.

I don’t say this to beat on my chest and tell you how great I am – but I am trying to tell you I owe this Tony Robbins guy a lot.

Here’s What I Will Help You With, Specifically

My main focus is to do group trainings in sales, psychology, peak performance, marketing, and strategy.

I speak to 300-400 companies per year in all sorts of industries like real estate, mortgage, direct sales (mlm), title, insurance, financial advisors, and car dealerships…

… but you can also find me at Fortune 500 companies and anywhere there are hungry people looking to hit the next level.

Most of our trainings revolve around how to produce more results in every area of your life, getting your team (and yourself) to take the action necessary, and how to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.


Here’s My First Sales Pitch To You:

Go to my blog page and read some of the articles on my site.

If you like them, sign up for the newsletter.

If they help you, consider having me in to speak to your team and joining us for Unleash the Power Within when I make you an offer.

Pretty simple, right?

I’m glad you’re here and I can’t wait to meet you in person!

Stephen Hilgart