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How to Build Consistent (and Increasing) Income with Less Stress in 2020

Most entrepreneurs I meet don’t want extravagant things. They don’t want to rule the world, they don’t want to destroy their competition… they simply want to increase their income, have that income be consistent, have a little more time to enjoy it, and get rid of the constant stress.

Sound familiar?

If that’s your goal for 2020, I’ve got good news…  There’s only 3 things you need to do consistently to make it happen.

Here they are:

1.) Modeling: Applying the Right Strategies

No matter what your goal is, no matter what industry you’re in, no matter what you’re trying to do — there’s a good chance somebody’s already done it.

The most intelligent thing an entrepreneur can do is NOT trying to re-invent the wheel, but to model what already works.

After setting a goal, your first step should be to look for “best practices”. Who is already producing the result and what activities are they doing to achieve it?

Most people I meet are just winging it… they try a bunch of random things and they go from one shiny object to another and rarely make a measurable impact.

This week they’ll try Facebook marketing, next week they’ll move into copy writing, then they’ll read something about putting their products on Amazon.

Focus is always key.

If you find someone who’s already producing the result, study them, do the same activities, and you’ll start producing similar results.

In business, in the gym, in a relationship, in communication — all of it.

There’s an old adage: success leaves clues.

2.) Peak State: Mastering Your Emotions

For some reason, people just don’t talk about emotions as often as they should.

Angry people make more mistakes than calm and collected people.

Depressed people get less done than excited people.

Sad people make different decisions than happy people.

If you want to make things happen this year and for the rest of your life, you have to have some sort of semblance of emotional control.

The ability — in the moment — to go from sad, depressed, frustrated, upset, angry and shift into happy, excited, grateful, loving, or caring.

Why? Not just because it feels better (even though that’s a great reason), but because the very next decision you make will be dramatically effected by the emotional state you’re in.

Should you go or stay? Invest or not? Try or pass? Should you go to the gym or put it off?

Those little decisions will change based on how you’re feeling.

And little decisions don’t just mean a lot… they mean everything!

The hourly decisions — the habitual decisions we make — turn into daily decisions, which turn into weekly decisions, which turn into months, years, decades — and ultimately — your destiny.

If YOU are not in control of your decisions, you’re not in control of your life. In other words, if you’re not in control of your EMOTIONS, you’re not in control of your life.

And if you didn’t know, one of the keys to business success is control.

3.) Unshakable Mindset: Developing Clarity and Empowering Beliefs

Most coaches, managers, and business owners talk about “mindset” in a very esoteric way.

But it’s actually pretty simple.

We all have to develop clarity around what we want, how we’re going to get it, and create empowering internal beliefs that say “It CAN be done, I can do it, and I can do it NOW.”

99% of the time when I teach a specific strategy for improving sales, marketing, or processes in a business I’m hit with a “that won’t work” or a “I’ve tried that before”.

And while there’s a million options for empowering beliefs, simply changing those to “we’ll MAKE it work” or “the past does not equal the future” — it will dramatically alter a persons next steps, course of action, and therefore results.

Then there’s the people who say “well THEY can do it because (insert reason why they’re special/different/unique), and I don’t have that (quality/trait/resource)”.

We have to develop this idea that “if one can do it, many can. If many can, so can I.”

But don’t forget the insidious “I can definitely do that… when I’m OLDER” or “when I have more TIME” or “someday when I have the MONEY.”

There’s ALWAYS a reason to procrastinate and put things off. An unshakable mindset is one of action and urgency.

There’s never enough time, there’s never enough money, nothing’s ever perfect — you just have to start.

I could go on and on about these beliefs and how the effect us but all you need to know is that for everything you want to accomplish — more sales, more business, less stress — there’s always a way.

It CAN be done. YOU can do it. And you can do it NOW.


If you think about anything you’ve ever accomplished, anything you’ve ever been good at… you probably did these three things.

You modeled successful strategies… you had a positive emotional state when practicing… and you believed in yourself (even if no one else did).

It might sound basic but here’s the truth — there isn’t anything else. This is it. These are the 3 areas you MUST master in order to take control of your business and your life this year.



Here’s a little exercise if you’re up for it. It’ll really clarify the differences between an area where you’re rocking, an area you’re not… and how blatantly obvious it is that these are the areas to work on:

  1. What’s an area of life you’ve mastered (sports, entertainment, dancing, art, finance, relationships, fitness) and who did you model? What strategies and things did you learn from that person and which ones did you apply?
  2. What were your consistent emotions when doing that activity? How did it make you feel?
  3. What are the empowering beliefs you held about that thing that made it easy/light/fun/exciting/successful?
  4. What’s an area of your life where you’re NOT a master? Who are you currently modeling (if anyone), what emotions are you feeling consistently in that area? What are the limiting beliefs that could be holding you back? Do you believe it can be done? Do you believe YOU are someone who can do it? Do you believe it can be done NOW (and not sometime in the future)?
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