Personal Power
I have yet to meet a successful person who doesn’t read.  It’s the biggest difference between those who achieve and those who don’t.  Leaders are readers.  Period. At this point in my life I’ve read over 1,000 books on psychology, ...
Personal Power
We’ve all heard of affirmations. You know, when you stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you’re good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it people like you! It’s true affirmations have a positive effect… but very ...
Personal Power
Changing your life is hard, isn’t it?  I mean… you have to talk about your feelings and handle real problems like emotional stress… or deal with communication problems in your relationships.  You have to exercise and eat healthy.  You have ...
Personal Power
We often talk about what it takes to win… what strategies we should implement to grow our business, bodies, or our relationships. But how often do we talk about those times we should just give up and try something else? ...
Personal Power
Sometimes life can be overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be so damn hard. There are really only a few things we need to focus on to make our lives work. So today let’s break it down to 5 things ...



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Hey, I'm Stephen. I believe that we are in control of our destiny and we can choose to create the life of our dreams. As the National Trainer for Tony Robbins I advise and consult with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and professionals in the areas of peak performance, leadership, organizational behavior, psychology of achievement, and sales.