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3 Ways To Know When Should You Pull The Plug And Try Something Else

We often talk about what it takes to win… what strategies we should implement to grow our business, bodies, or our relationships.

But how often do we talk about those times we should just give up and try something else?

Today let’s talk about 3 simple ways to know when you should just pull the plug and move on!

1. Your Deadline For Happiness

The question is: how long are you willing to be unhappy in your life?

10 days? 30 days? 1 year?

And I don’t mean happy one day, frustrated the next — I mean truly unhappy.  Where your business just doesn’t do it for you anymore or where the only sex is hallway sex… you know, where you pass each other in the hallway and you say “fuck you!”

I mean where you wake up dreading the day consistently; day after day.

At some point in our lives we have to decide what our breaking point will be.

The breaking point when we say “okay… enough is enough… it’s time to make a change!”

Only — if you make that time too short — you’ll never experience happiness because we all experience growing pains. If you tuck tail and run at the first sign of trouble you’ll never produce a successful business or a meaningful relationship or the body you truly desire.

On the other hand if you make that time too long — you’ll be wasting the precious little time you have on this planet!

It’s a fine balancing act but you have to trust your gut.  We’ve all hung on to relationship or a business opportunity way longer than we should have and we’ve all given up long before we should have on some things that ultimately would have made us happy.

Trust your gut, be honest with yourself, and finally set a deadline for how long you’re willing to “put up with shit.”

2. Moving Your Zero

There have been times in my life where I was broke — I had zero dollars and zero income.

It was in these moments, I thought “oh man, I really should do something about this!”

And you would think after this happened a time or two I would learn my lesson and make sure not to fall into this position anymore!

Well… I can’t say I’m always a smart man because it happened several times.

But I learned a simple technique that I now employ continuously — which is moving my zero.

Simply put, your “zero” should move up as you improve your life. Now instead of waiting until you have ZERO dollars to make some dramatic decisions and take some massive action in your life that number is $100… then $500… then $5,000… then $10,000.

And this doesn’t just go for your finances. Your weight and health should have a “zero” as well.

If that weight is creeping up and you see it’s creeping up — what is your threshold for taking some massive action?  And as you start to become a peak performer or an achiever in life, that number should get closer and closer to your ideal weight.

3.  The Cost of Exit

Many people talk about the cost to “get started” in something. The cost of exercise equipment, the cost of time, the cost of resources, the cost of hiring employees, the cost of healthy foods — but no one seems to ever talk about the cost of exiting a plan.

I would suggest you think long and hard about exiting/quitting/leaving when the cost of doing so begins to exceed the cost of starting.

And when I say “cost” I mean in every sense of the word; mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, in your relationships, in time — all of it.

If your business is drowning in debt and you continue digging deeper holes — it’s about time you take a serious look at whether or not this plan of yours is actually going to pay off.

If all you’re doing in your relationship is plugging holes in a sinking ship — it might be time to move before you both drown!

One of the biggest flaws of character (we all have) is that when things aren’t going so well — at the end — we tend to get extremely optimistic.

“It’s just been a rough time for us, our relationship will improve when XYZ happens.”

“We’ve had losses for 16 straight quarters but that’s just the market on the rebound — it’ll be okay!”

I’m not suggesting we become extremely pessimistic — I’m suggesting we see life how it is, not worse than it is, and not better than it is!

Be sure to pay attention to the signals in your body, in your business, in your relationships. If the cost of quitting is higher than starting — it’s probably time to stop.


No matter how excited you are to get into something, you should never start without a plan to get out of it.

I don’t care if it’s your dream job, your dream life, your dream relationship — you should always have enough independence and foresight to have an exit strategy.

And that’s because at some point in your life it may no longer be your dream job, life, or relationship.

Not to say you should constantly have one foot out the door but we shouldn’t blindly (and regularly) dig holes we can’t get out of!

Tell me, when did you know it was time to quit something?

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