The 7 Day Rule That Will Have You Loving Life Again

It’s not uncommon to hear people complain about the day ahead of them or the day behind them.

Some of us “need” a drink because it’s been a “long day” or a “long week” or we “need” a humongous triple mocha latte because “today is going to suck!”

I have a strong belief that says…

“If You Aren’t Happy, Change It!”

Today I want you to adopt a new rule into your life that will help ensure that you have WAY more happy days than crappy days.

The idea is simple: if for 7 days in a row you wake up without being completely excited, motivated, happy, and jazzed about your day and what you’re going to do with it — it’s time to make some changes.

If you aren’t happy about your career, change it. If you aren’t happy with your relationship, change it. If you aren’t happy with your body, change it.

We’ve all heard the saying that we should “live each day like it was your last” — but how many of us actually do it?

Most of us go through life day after day, week after week, frustrated, upset, lonely, depressed, angry, or just plain unhappy.

And of course we all have tough days, weeks, or even months — but you can’t stay there!

Let me share a couple of tips for making sure you love life again when you’re in this place:

Choose a deadline — and stick to it!

I call it the 7-day rule but you can use 5, 10, 15, 30 days — whatever works for you. The point is to have a strict deadline for yourself. The question is: How long are you willing to put up with being unhappy?

And if you find yourself unhappy for this many days — it’s time to pause, reflect, and most importantly; deal with the situation.

The trick to choosing a deadline is to make sure, first, it’s not too long and, second, it’s not too short.

I would say waiting 10 years to decide to move on from a relationship or a business venture that isn’t working out is too long.

On the other side we shouldn’t react too quickly.

I mean, imagine if all it took was one bad day for you to completely rethink your life — you’d never get anywhere! You certainly couldn’t have a successful business or relationship or health plan.

Finally we have to make the distinction between the stress that drags us down and the stress that makes us stronger.

Don’t confuse resistance and positive struggle with unhappiness. Lifting heavy weights may hurt but it’s done with a purpose.

If you’re having a tough week but ultimately it’s good for you and getting you closer to where you want to be that’s okay — that’s not a good time to use this rule.

But If you’re feeling pain without growth — now it’s time to start paying attention and ask the question “is it time to change?”

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